Jon & Danielle were one of the first couples I had the privilege to work with as I started Whitefilmm. They are two of the most genuine and fun-loving people I've ever met. It's so cool when I get to just live life moments with people and when I was asked to photograph their wedding day, I knew it was going to be a fun time!

This was my FIRST time being the lead photographer for a wedding and I'm so glad that Jon & Danielle gave me this amazing opportunity!

Check out some of the highlights from their wedding from the beautiful Homestead at Wilshire Ranch in Oak Glen, Ca.

This ceremony was nothing short of mixes of sweet, tender, and sometimes sassy moments. But you could feel the love in the air- not only from Jon and Danielle, but also from their families and friends who were there to commemorate the moment with them.

I wish you guys could have been there as the doors opened and Jon saw his bride for the first time. It was a Cinderella Story moment of all time.

After all the hustle of the ceremony and the group photos, we got a few romantics (couple photos) under our belt before the ceremony. During this time, we could hear music playing from the cocktail hour area and thought it would be such an intimate moment if Jon and Danielle had the actual first dance as Mr and Mrs alone in the ceremony location.

This is something I would highly recommend to couples when you get married!

With all the chairs put away, they danced, cried, laughed, and just absorbed the setting alone before heading to the festivities of the evening!

Now, listen, I told you earlier that the Gearharts and their friends are nothing short of a good time- and I meant EVERY WORD!

Champagne toasts, a dance floor that would give "Dirty Dancing" a run for its money, and inside jokes that, if you don't keep your eyes peeled, will leave you "iced!"

I have unofficially officially dubbed this portion of the day "the Gearhart Getdown."

The atmosphere was electric and the energy was contagious. It's amazing what two people and the power of love can create! This day goes down in history as ONE OF THE BEST! Jon and Danielle, thank you for having me. I wish nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness!